Hello, I'm Pierre!

I'm an improbable mix between a software engineer and an accountant. I enjoy working with small businesses with an open and deliberate mindset.

I'm currently Tech Lead at Xen Accounting a virtual accounting firm. I spend my days making sure the team is trained and up-to-date with the latest innovations, liberating my colleagues from working on boring stuff with automation, and consulting with clients to achieve what nobody else would do.

I also have a small business of my own, Alec Nesh (anagrams ftw). There, I'm focused on crafting small tools following the Unix philosophy, from the command line, to the web.

For fun, I try to learn as much random stuff as I can. My favourites things besides coding are cycling, aligning pixels, listening to loud music, and getting beat up in a friendly manner.

Ask me annything. Things here are my own views, and not my employer's, obviously.